What sexy underwear to buy in his wife

Why consider height?

Interest underwear is an essential part of the life of husband and wife.It can increase interest, regulate the atmosphere of sex, and enrich the life of husband and wife.But because everyone’s height is different, wearing different types of sexy underwear will present different effects.For short women, it is particularly important to choose the right sexy underwear.

Choose high waist style

For women with short figures, it is more appropriate to choose high waist sexy underwear.This underwear can increase the waistline, thereby leaving the proportion of figure.At the same time, high waist underwear can also cover the fat on the stomach, and the locker room is more confident.

Choose lace material

Lace is a more commonly used fabric in sexy underwear.Because it is soft and breathable, comfortable, and can show the sexy of women.For women with short figures, the sexy lingerie of lace material can better show the beauty of the figure and make themselves more sexy and confident.

Choose V -shaped tailoring

V -shaped sexy underwear can better highlight the lines of the chest and stretch the body ratio visually.Short women wearing this sexy underwear will become taller, and at the same time can better show their chest shape.

Select the texture of the texture of the texture of the pattern

For women with short figures, wearing texture and patterns with patterns can increase the vertical line feeling of figure and make them look taller.For example, choosing a vertical stripe sexy underwear can make people feel bright.

Choose high heel matching

Choose the right erotic underwear and paired with a pair of high heels, which can make the short women with taller charming.And high -heeled shoes can tighten your chest and waist, making the body’s lines more beautiful.

Choose a layered sexy underwear

The sense of layering refers to the obvious feeling of multiple levels in the shape of the sexy underwear.Choosing this layered erotic underwear can stretch the visual size through the overall visual effect and make the small women with a taller figure taller.

Choose sexy underwear with a suspender

The sexy underwear with a camisole can not only show the sexy of women, but also continue to extend the lines of the body from top to bottom to increase the vertical size.This is a very suitable choice for women with short figures.

Avoid choosing sexy underwear that is too tight

Although short women may want to shape their bodies through too tight sexy underwear, this will make themselves more prominent in figure.Over -tight erotic underwear is not only easy to make meat, but also makes the figure unnatural.Therefore, choosing sexy underwear suitable for your body is the best choice.

Choose thin -style sexy underwear

For women with short figures, it is more suitable to choose thin -style sexy underwear.Thin -style erotic underwear is not only comfortable and breathable, but also does not make yourself feel that the body has shrunk due to the thickness of the underwear, making the proportion look more coordinated.

in conclusion

It is very important to choose the right sexy underwear, especially for a short woman.Choosing a sexy underwear suitable for your body can make yourself more confident and sexy. At the same time, stretch your body proportion, and looks taller.I hope this article can help everyone.

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