White bellyband sexy underwear


White bellyband sexy underwear is undoubtedly a type that can test women’s body and beautiful.This type of style is unique, and many artists pass this one at important moments.However, if we want to wear a perfect feeling, we need to master some professional skills.

The role of the bellyband

White bellyband, similar to the "bra" that everyone said in culture, can cover the areas below the breast of women, and at the same time, it can also beautify the female cleavage and enhance the female body.

White bellyband style

The type of white belly is also very rich.It includes a split bellyband, a rope -like bellyband, a navel design bellyband, a belly -free bellyband and other styles. Each style has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. You need to make a choice based on personal hobbies and figure characteristics.

Beltic band size

Every piece of sex underwear has its own size watch. To make yourself put on a comfortable and suitable white bellyband, you need to master the accurate size of your body.The size of different brands and different styles of bellybands will be relatively different, and you need to pay attention when buying.

Ingredients of belly

Material is one of the important factors that determine the feel of the belly.At present, there are many types of materials on the market, including high -quality cashmere, velvet and other materials, and some are sewn by artificial silk, nylon and other chemical fiber materials.Therefore, when buying a white bellyband, you should choose the material that conforms to your emotional aesthetics.


White bellyband sexy underwear usually needs to be matched with other clothing to wear perfect effects.For example, skirts or hot pants can not only set off the sexy of the bellyband, but also improve the level of overall dressing.

Maintenance of white bellyband

Like other clothing, the white belly pocket sexy underwear also requires correct maintenance to be used for longer.First of all, it is recommended that you use a neutral detergent for hand washing, far away from bleach and some alkaline washing agents.


Generally speaking, the white belly pocket sexy underwear is usually more appropriate to wear some evening dresses and luxury evening dresses.In addition, you can also wear some coats at the banquet to increase your personality.

Other colors

Pay attention to the situation and occasions wearing sexy underwear, and there are different occasions for sexy underwear in different colors.Black, red, blue, printing and other colors have different applications, which can be selected according to personal needs.

Point of view

The white bellyband has a unique and excellent quality and excellent quality, allowing women to put on it to show their gentle and charming side, but also help them improve their confidence and beauty.However, when buying, you must carefully consider your body, occasions, and personal aesthetics and needs, and choose the most suitable white bellyband for yourself.

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