Wife and old man in sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a underwear with sexy elements, usually made of lace, silk and other fabrics.These underwear are usually used between couples or lover to increase the taste and fun of sexual life.This article will explore the wife and old man in sexy underwear. How can the wife wearing underwear flirting, and how the old man feels this kind of flirting method.

How does the wife wear a sexy underwear to flirt

When women are flirting with sexy underwear, they usually use some means, such as gently and slowly walking through the old man, deliberately let the elastic lace strip on the underwear fall, or show the women’s long and beautiful leg lines with a sexy posture. ThesePose and movement can ignite the flames of old lust.Of course, this is just some of the simple performances. Women wearing sexy underwear flirting is diverse.

How does the old man feel flirting in sexy underwear

For the old man, being able to see the beauty of his wife in sexy underwear will make them feel excited and satisfied.Although sometimes not everyone can receive sexy underwear from the beginning, when the old man sees his wife’s carefully prepared dress and sexy underwear, the old man can undoubtedly arouse the sexual desire emotion of the old man and improve the quality of sexual life.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear

It is especially important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Sexy underwear styles and colors are diverse, and underwear with different materials has different effects and feelings.For example, some people love soft silk fabrics, while others like elastic lace fabrics.Therefore, it is very important to choose the right sexy underwear.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important. First of all, you must understand the material of your underwear.Silk, cotton, and lace all need special maintenance methods to avoid deformation or damage of underwear.In addition, underwear usually requires hand washing, do not use a washing machine, otherwise it will cause damage to the texture of the underwear.

What taboos and precautions

When wearing sexy underwear, you also need to be careful.First of all, do not choose underwear that is too exposed and unfjuished to avoid embarrassing situations.Secondly, do not wear sexy underwear in public, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings and adverse effects.In addition, please be careful not to make the old man disgusted or obscene through the name of sexy underwear.

How to increase the flirting effect of sexy underwear

The flirting effect of sexy underwear does not depend on the underwear itself, but it depends on how to cooperate with the body language and movements.Through various postures, movements, language, etc., the wife is more attractive and the old man feels her beauty and sexy.

Attitude towards sexy underwear

Sexy is the talent of every woman. Wearing sexy underwear is a way to express its charm.For the old man, if you can understand and appreciate the beauty and sexy of his wife wearing sexy underwear, it will have important positive significance for the stability and beauty of the husband and wife relationship.Moreover, a wife wearing a sexy underwear is also a sexual health expression between husband and wife, which helps increase the interests and fun of both sides.


If both parties can treat their wives and flirt with their wives in sexy underwear with an openness, confidence, and modest attitude, this will have a good impact on the relationship between husband and wife and increase the fun of life.It is not abnormal to flirt in sexy underwear. As long as it is appropriately expressed in appropriate occasions, life can make life better.

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