Who is the sexiest character of sexy underwear

Selection of sexy goddess

For many women, choosing sexy underwear must take into account their own figure characteristics and temperament to show sexy and beauty.From this perspective, the sexy goddess gradually became a guidance for choosing sexy underwear. They have a unique temperament and lines and are widely used in the design of sexy underwear.

Marilyn Monroe’s classic image

Marilyn Monroe was a representative of the sexy goddess of the 1950s, and was very popular at the time.Her bust, waist, and hips constitute a perfect golden ratio, coupled with her affectionate eyes, charming smiles, and elegant long hair, making her an important image in the design of sexy underwear.The white dresses she wore and the films such as "Enthusiasm Like Fire" became the source of inspiration for classic sexy underwear design.

Audrey Hepburn’s fresh temperament

Audrey Hepburn is one of the representatives of the sexy goddess. Her sexy is not from enchanting and hot, but fresh and elegant.Her figure is beautiful and elegant, and small details such as lace lace and bow are common elements in sexy underwear design.The sexy place she showed lies in her temperament and expression, combining sexy and elegant beauty.

The charming place of the Asian goddess

The Asian goddess has also become a unique existence in the design of sexy underwear.Beautiful Asian women have a rich cultural background and charming temperament, representing the colorfulness of oriental culture.Their white skin, soft hair and tenderness have become an important element in the design of sexy underwear.

Kate Apton’s atmospheric stunner style

Kate Apton has become one of the representatives of sexy underwear design with bold and unrestrained and mature temperament.Her lively and bold temperament, stunner -like figure, and cute and wild personality have become a common source of inspiration in the design of sexy underwear.

The role of jewelry

In addition to the image of sexy goddess, jewelry in sexy underwear design is also one of the necessary elements.Small bows, diamonds, beads, embroidery, etc., can add a little elegance and sexy to the underwear.Too much jewelry will look tedious, and a small amount of minimalist jewelry is a design trend in the design of sexy underwear.

Princess design

The design of many sexy underwear is inspired by the princess.This design combines the tenderness of the princess and the sexy and wild of the underwear, forming a lot of popular sexy underwear shapes.The design of princess underwear creates a noble temperament of women, which can better set off the softness of women.

The characteristics of cat women

Cat women’s sexy underwear is mainly designed with black lines, and is also one of the representatives of sexy underwear.Its design combines black sexy and sexy women, combining cool, sexy and wild, showing a unique beauty in women.Cat -style underwear design is loved by young women.

Aesthetics of perspective

Although the perspective sexy underwear is relatively simple in design, it has a high degree of sexy.Perfecting design can expose some parts and integrate the shape of it to show the feminine and sexy of women.This design has unlimited appeal to women with beautiful figures.

Simple and comfortable design

Interest underwear does not necessarily require too much modification and design. Simple and comfortable styles are also one of the forms that women like.The simple design combines the comfort of the velvet cloth, which has become one of the mainstream styles in sexy underwear.The simplicity and lightness of itself can better reflect the light beauty of women.

in conclusion

In short, there are many types of sexy underwear, and many designs are fused from the image of the sexy goddess.Women can choose sexy underwear suitable for their own figure and temperament to highlight their beauty and sexy.

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