Why are there such few sex lingerie fabrics

Why are there such few sex lingerie fabrics

As a clothing that needs to take into account both fashion and functional, the fabric of sexy underwear shows a special design style.However, you may notice that the fabrics of sexy underwear seem to be less than ordinary underwear. Why is this?

1. Reflect that sexy charm

Compared with ordinary underwear, the fabrics of sexy underwear are often exquisite and small.This is because the designers hope to create a more sexy and charming visual effect through the elaborate nude and coverage part.Therefore, only women in sexy underwear can truly reflect this charm.

2. Pay attention to comfort

Although the fabrics of sexy underwear are included in less parts, the carefully selected fabrics can provide excellent comfortable feelings.For example, some designers use soft silk gauze to ensure that the clothes can feel the comfort of high quality, and even if they wear it for a long time, they will not feel uncomfortable.

3. Maintain beauty through fine decoration

The style and style of sexy underwear are very diverse, but they have a common feature, which is the ultimate presentation of details.For example, to improve the beauty and ornamental of underwear through small decorations such as ribbon and lace.The exquisite presentation of these decorations requires less fabrics to perfectly show the designer’s inspiration and skills.

4. It’s easier to make intimate contact

The design of the little cloth of sexy underwear also makes it more suitable for intimate contact, such as sex and other behaviors.Because fewer fabrics make the two sides enter the state faster, avoiding the discomfort that appears because of underwear blocking.This has become the advantage of sexy underwear in the field of intimate contact.

5. Meet different needs

The design of the little cloth of sex underwear can also meet the differentiation of different people’s demand for wearing underwear.For example, some customers may want to show more sexy effects, while others are preferred to consider comfort.Through the differentiation of design and fabrics, fun underwear can be classified and recommended for different needs, and market coverage can be widely used as much as possible.

6. Highlight brand characteristics

As a market that is a bit niche but has strong brand characteristics, the less cloth design in the design of sexy underwear has also become an effective means of brand differentiated marketing.Through the design of less fabrics, it can highlight the brand’s unique pursuit of exquisite and charm, so that consumers can more significantly recognize the brand and build a brand impression and expectations.

7. Change and progress of social concepts

The awareness and definition of general social concepts on underwear are constantly changing and progressive.With the progress of gender equality and women’s self -expression today, the design of less fabrics in sexy underwear is more likely to obtain public recognition and acceptance.This also provides a broader consumption foundation for the development of the sex underwear market.

8. Design style with higher degree of freedom

The less cloth design of sexy underwear can improve the degree of design freedom in fabric materials, tailoring, decoration and other aspects, so that designers can explore new elements and characteristics more happily to meet the differentiated needs of consumers.This is also a factor that can have a profound impact on the entire sexy underwear market.

In summary, the design of the little fabric of sexy underwear not only reflects the sexy charm, but also has exquisite beauty and high quality comfort.At the same time, the design of sexy underwear is also highly differentiated, which can meet the needs of different consumers, and maintain great characteristics and competitive advantages in the market.

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