Why does a boyfriend hate me wearing fun underwear

Background introduction

In a relationship, sexy underwear is sometimes to increase interest and stimulus, but some women find that boyfriends do not like to wear fun underwear. So why is this?


First of all, boyfriends may have a certain discomfort about sexy underwear.Some men feel that the boundaries of sexy and pornography are not clear, and sexy underwear is often very sexy, which makes them uncomfortable.In addition, some men may feel that the sexy underwear is exposed too much and too charming, which makes them feel uneasy.

cultural background

The attitude towards sex underwear may also be related to the cultural background.Different regions, different countries, and even different religion have different concepts of sex and sexy. Some men may be influenced by their cultural background and have bias, and they are disgusted with the concept of sexy underwear.

Boyfriend’s anxiety

Boyfriend hates his girlfriend in sexy underwear may be related to her anxiety.Men sometimes worry that they cannot meet their girlfriend’s needs, and girlfriends in sexy underwear will make them feel even more disturbed.In addition, they may also worry about their poor performance and unable to meet the needs of their girlfriends, and girlfriends wear sexy underwear to exacerbate this anxiety.

The communication is not smooth enough

Many times, both men and women lack full communication, which has led to problems.If the woman wants to wear fun underwear to increase interest, but her boyfriend does not know, it is likely that her boyfriend will be caught off guard.If the two can communicate frankly and look for a discount solution, the problem is likely to be solved.

Too frequent

Even if my girlfriend is not often wearing sexy underwear, but if she wants to wear sexy underwear every time, her boyfriend is likely to feel tired.This frequent use of sexy underwear will weaken its effect, making her boyfriend no longer feel fresh and exciting.

Male aesthetic difference

The aesthetics of men and women are different, which may cause men to not catch a cold about sexy underwear.Women may think that a sexy underwear is very sexy, but her boyfriend does not think so.This aesthetic difference may cause the woman to misunderstand the man and feel that he does not like himself, and the man will think that he is forced to accept a thing that he doesn’t like.

Use erotic underwear lack skills

When using sexy underwear, some women will be counterproductive due to lack of skills.For example, it is not appropriate to wear, do not pay attention to details, not reflect personality, and so on.This situation will make her boyfriend feel that erotic underwear is not only not helpful to sex, but it will cause trouble and discomfort.

Balanced sexual life and emotional life

For her boyfriend, sexy underwear is just a means to increase sexual life and cannot replace emotional life.If the woman pays too much attention to the finale performance and ignores daily care and details, her boyfriend is likely to feel tired and passive.Interest underwear can really play a role only on the basis of the relationship between the two people.

Not forced

The most important point is that sexy underwear cannot force her boyfriend to accept.Both men and women should respect and consider each other’s thoughts, needs, preferences, and psychological feelings.If the woman is lonely on this issue, it is likely to make her boyfriend feel disgusted and discomfort, and eventually destroy the relationship between the two.


In short, there are many reasons for her boyfriend’s disgusted attitude towards his girlfriend’s sexy underwear, and you need to comprehensively consider factors in all aspects.On the basis of communicating, understanding, respect and trust between the two parties, we can truly create a enthusiastic and exciting sexy underwear atmosphere.

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