Why is there only a woman in sex underwear


When thinking of sexy underwear, many people’s first reactions are women wearing, and rarely think of men’s sexy underwear.This is caused by some traditional views and prejudices in social and cultural.The article will explore why sexy underwear is only female.

History and traditional gender character division of labor

Historically, people have a very clear understanding of gender character division of labor. Men are mainly working in public places, while women are mainly responsible for family and housework.The continuation of this traditional understanding makes women wear more sexy underwear and plays a role in family and private places.

Lack of male sex lingerie market needs

In terms of market demand, traditional men’s demand for sexy is met in other ways, such as considering that men pay more attention to practicality and comfort.As a result, the lack of the demand for men’s sex underwear market, relatively few demand reduces the motivation for production and sales.

The impact of society on male character expectations

Society has strong expectations for male characters. The strong masculine qi does not think it is consistent with the sexy underwear, which also affects the development of the male sex underwear market.

Difficulty and cost

Compared with women’s sexy underwear, the difficulty and cost of men’s sexy underwear are much higher.Women’s sexy lingerie can choose a variety of fabrics, and more complex design and complex craftsmanship, and the production of men’s sex lingerie requires more processing processes and fabrics, and the cost is higher.

Cultural recognition of men’s sex lingerie

Men’s sexy underwear is relatively low in cultural recognition. Few men admit to wearing such clothing, and lack of promotion and sponsorship in cultural and media, and also reduce market demand.

Conservative market trend

The market trend has always been conservative, and the acceptance of men’s sexy underwear is not high.The market is relatively conservative, and the acceptance of novel and unusual underwear types is not high.

Lack of market research

In the period when there is not much public impression in gender characters, people lack market research on men’s underwear manufacturing, which makes popular essays unable to help promote this type of underwear.

Lack of promotion and marketing

Men’s sexy underwear market lacks relevant promotion and marketing activities, and men’s sex lingerie has not appeared for a long time.Insufficient promotion has led to insufficient marketing momentum.

in conclusion

The above reasons show the characteristics of slow development of the men’s market development of sexy underwear, but it does not mean that the prospect of the male sex underwear market has no room for improvement.Over time and the change of social concepts, the acceptance of the market’s sexy underwear in the market may increase, especially in a market with more cultural recognition.

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