Working experience of wearing sex underwear

1. The current trend of sexy underwear

With the continuous development of society, people’s attitudes towards sex are becoming more and more open, and sexy underwear is popular.In addition to the characteristics of sexy and tempting, sexy lingerie today pays more attention to comfortable and natural wear feelings, which has become the embodiment of modern women’s pursuit of sexy and confidence.

2. The restraint of the work occasion

However, there are still many restraints and concerns on the sexy underwear on work.First of all, different occupations have different dressing requirements. Wearing too exposed or sexy sexy underwear can make people feel uncomfortable. Second, many people have a office with colleagues at work at work. In order to avoid embarrassment, they choose not to wear erotic underwear.In this case, how to choose a sexy underwear suitable for work is particularly important.

3. Select the right style

The sexy underwear suitable for work should be simple and temperament. You can choose a simple bray bray or sexy but not exposed underwear.At the same time, you can also choose some underwear containing lace, silk and other elements, which are both elegant and noble and can meet sexy needs.

4. Selection of color

For wearing sexy underwear to go to work, color also needs to pay attention to.Dark and light underwear have options suitable for work, but you need to choose according to your skin color and career. Underwear that is too vulgar will affect the image.

5. Skills with clothing

You need to pay attention to the problem of matching with sex underwear at work.Some light -breathable tulle short sleeves or shirts that are opened can be matched with underwear, which can achieve good dressing effects.In addition, conventional suits are also a good choice, which can reduce the exposure of sexy underwear, and also take into account the seriousness of the profession.

6. Moly guarantee

The sexy underwear suitable for work must have a very high comfort, which is particularly important.Comfort can not only make people wear underwear for a long time without feeling fatigue, but also naturally show the body and charm of women.

7. Be sure to be confident

The last point that you should pay attention to when wearing a sexy underwear to go to work is confidence.Wearing sexy underwear not only requires suitable styles, colors and matching, but also requires women’s confidence in their own body and charm.Women choose to wear a fun underwear to highlight their sexy and self -confidence, and lack of self -confidence will make this pale.

8. Summary

It is not impossible to wear sex underwear, but you need to pay attention to the right style, color, matching and highly confident state.And this practice is more to allow women to better show their sexy charm and confidence when they work.

9. Reference suggestions

Here are some reference suggestions that can help women work better to work in sexy underwear:

Select the right underwear style, color and match.

Consider the professional environment and office style.

Comfort is the most important, and the size of the underwear should be accurate.

Should maintain confidence and self -confidence and show your charm.

10. Viewpoint

It is a unique choice for women to wear sexy underwear, but it also needs to pay attention to the requirements and restraints of the occupation and office environment.You need to choose a comfortable and tasteful sexy underwear, and maintain a confident state in order to show the more perfect and charming side of women.

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