Xiaobu Interesting Underwear Show

Xiaobu Interesting Underwear Show

As a consumer product, sexy underwear is constantly updated.Xiaobu’s fun underwear has been popular in recent years.The so -called small fabric means that the fabric is very thin, even transparent or translucent of sexy underwear, which shows the lines and curves of the body, pushing sexy and imagination to the extreme.Let ’s take a look at Xiaobu’ s sexy underwear show together.

1. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is one of the representatives of small cloth sexy lingerie.The sense of transparency and emptyness of lace shows the sexy and softness of women.Lace erotic underwear echoes the delicate and tenderness of the skin and eyeballs without affecting the comfort of wearing, showing the unique charm of a woman.

2. Net yarn erotic sheet

Net yarn sex underwear is another leader in Xiaoju’s sexy underwear.It is as thin as a cicada, as if not wearing it when wearing it, and it adds a sense of mystery in virtual.The see -through performance of the net yarn has well outlined the woman’s body lines, leaving the man with infinite reveries.

3. Deep V sex underwear

Deep V sexy underwear is a very sexy small cloth for sexy underwear.Its biggest feature is the obvious V -shaped neckline, which can show a sense of charm of a woman’s gully.The deep V sex underwear with small fabrics has a very accurate size requirements. Once you choose the right one, it will make the figure more sexy and perfect, especially the chest part.

4. Capacity underwear

Capacity underwear is a category with empty sense of design characteristics in the small cloth and fun underwear.It is a punching treatment of the fabric, which makes the sexy hollow and the survey of the skin set off.The color of this underwear can choose black, white, military green, etc. The choice of color can be matched according to your skin color and temperament.

5. Pure color small cloth material sexy underwear

Simple small cloth, sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that simplifies the material and monochrome.Its design is simpler and generous, but the effect on the body is not low at all.Their color choices are relatively single, but because they can be arbitrarily matched, they add a sense of freedom and elegance.

6. Diamond sexy underwear

Diamond sexy underwear is a loved choice for sexy women.In the design, metal inlaid technology is adopted, and some exquisite diamonds or crystals are embedded in small cloth -based sexy underwear, adding a sense of luxury and nobleness.Diamond sexy underwear must pay attention to the material and wearing feelings to ensure comfort and gloss.

7. Stomato sexy underwear

Belly Bades’ sexy underwear is a small cloth for sexy women who dare to challenge.It is characterized by a very few fabrics, covering only the lines of the chest, and some areas of the abdomen.Its design is very simple, but the visual impact brought by people cannot be underestimated.


Frequent busty underwear is the simplest one of the small cloth and sexy lingerie.As the name suggests, it is the effect of sticking the patch to the chest to achieve the effect of covering, protecting and beautifying.Its style and color are also very diverse, and can be selected accordingly according to their temperament and preferences.

9. Water Drop Funny Plate

Water drops sexy underwear is a unique one in the small cloth and sexy underwear.It uses algorithm -based technology to be empty -shaped to achieve better perspective effects.Water drops of erotic underwear created a kind of water droplet splashing effect under sports, which is extremely sexy.

10. Interesting sheets

Personally sexy underwear is a sample of small cloth for sexy underwear.It is close to the design of the skin, which perfectly wraps the woman’s body lines, making the body line more charming.However, because the size of the underwear is more difficult to do with the body, pay attention to buying suitable for your own.

In short, as one of the symbols of sexy women, Xiaobu’s sexy underwear is a sexy, scalable fashion.We can choose a variety of styles such as transparent, transparent, lace, mesh, deep V, hollow, solid color, diamond, bellyband, chest sticker, water droplet, and personal style to express their sexy.In the end, I hope that every woman can find a small cloth that suits you, show his beauty and charm!

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