You can buy sexy underwear for your girlfriend


Interest underwear has always been an important prop for sex games, and it is also a means to add interest in love.For men who want to try to buy sexy underwear, it is very important to buy and which places should be paid attention to.This article will provide you with some tips and suggestions for buying sexy underwear.

Follow the size

When buying sexy underwear, men most need to pay attention to their girlfriends.The size of the sex underwear is not exactly the same as that of ordinary underwear, but most brands have corresponding size tables. It is recommended to choose the appropriate size after careful measurement.

Understand the style

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, such as sexy models, pure models, and cute models.Before buying, you should understand the girlfriend’s preferences so that you can buy a sexy underwear that is in line with her favorite style.

Material requirements

There are many materials for sexy underwear, and different materials will also bring different uses and feelings.It is recommended to choose materials that are comfortable, skin -friendly, and not allergic, such as cotton, silk, etc., so as not to cause their girlfriend’s discomfort.

Brand and quality

Of course, brands and quality are also the focus of attention when buying. The sexy underwear of high -quality brands is not only exquisite in appearance, but also comfortable in materials and more comfortable when wearing.By choosing a well -known brand, you can ensure the good quality and perfect after -sales service of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to keeping secrets

Sex underwear is directly related to private sex life, so you need to pay attention to keeping confidential when choosing.It is recommended to choose a professional seal packaging and delivery service shops or websites to ensure privacy security during the purchase process.

Suitable size

After being elected to buy sexy underwear, my girlfriend should feel confident and comfortable when wearing sexy lingerie, so the size choice is particularly important.If the size she chose is inappropriate, it will not only affect her experience, but also make her feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Cleaning method

It is also necessary to pay special attention to the cleaning method of sexy underwear. It is recommended to follow the cleaning method of washing the label, choose warm water or cold water cleaning, use professional cleaning agents, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place.If the error method is used, cleaning may cause damage to the material.

Method of matching

When girlfriends wear sexy underwear, her boyfriend also needs to pay attention to clothing and matching to create a suitable atmosphere for girlfriends.It is recommended that boyfriend can wear more fresh and simple clothes to match the sexy sexy underwear.

scenes to be used

When buying sexy underwear, you need to consider using the scene. Different erotic underwear is suitable for different places and occasions.Some sexy underwear is suitable for use at home, and the other is suitable for use in sex shops or travel.For different places and occasions, choosing different sexy underwear will make the experience more interesting and comfortable.


In short, you need to pay attention to your girlfriend’s size, style, material, brand, confidentiality and other issues when buying sexy underwear. Reasonably choosing sexy underwear can make your girlfriend more confident and comfortable, and create a more interesting and exciting sex atmosphere.

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