You can wear fun underwear

You can also wear fun underwear!This is not a problem. The beauty of each woman has her own characteristics.Interest underwear is not only suitable for those slender women, but also very suitable for those fat and beautiful eyebrows.When choosing a sexy underwear, there are some key points that need to be considered.In the following paragraphs, we will introduce you to some key points, as well as which styles or designs to make slightly fat eyebrows more perfectly wearing sexy underwear.

1. Don’t worry too much about your body shape

Forty women often feel that their body shape is not suitable for wearing sexy underwear.When choosing sexy underwear, don’t worry too much about your body shape, but you should enjoy the process of wearing sexy underwear and find a style that suits you.The design of sexy underwear is tolerant.

2. Choose high -quality fabrics

High -quality fabrics can make your body look more beautiful and feel more comfortable, and it is also very important for women with slightly fat bodies.High -quality materials can meet the needs of the body, and at the same time prevent sex underwear from being too close to the skin.

3. Pay attention to the elasticity of the underwear

Elasticity is a very important factor.Interest underwear requires sufficient elasticity to adapt to different types of figures and make lace or other decorations more comfortable and comfortable.Micro -fat eyebrows should choose higher elastic underwear when buying.

4. Choose suitable styles and colors

Micro -fat eyebrows should choose the style and color that suits you.For example, wearing simple and sexy black or dark underwear can make the body thinner.And the erotic underwear of pattern design can attract the attention of others and make you more confident.

5. Consider the occasion of wearing

Pay attention to the style of sex underwear and the combination of occasions.For example, overweight women may not be suitable for special exposure styles.You should choose a style with a cup and belt.When you are leisure at home, you can choose to loosen the fun pajamas.

6. Pay attention to buy a suitable size

When buying sexy underwear, you should choose the right size. Do not buy too much or too small.Especially for slightly fat eyebrows, don’t think that choosing a larger underwear will cover the physical defects more, but it will actually make the figure look more bloated.

7. Emphasize the cleavage

Forty women can emphasize their cleavage by choosing the right design and style.The use of high -precision chest ring design and appropriate length can be enhanced to the body.

8. Add the dressing accessories

You can use it with necklaces, earrings and bracelets to highlight the beauty of sexy underwear.Especially those decorative underwear make you more sexy.

In short, slightly fat women can also wear sexy underwear, do not hesitate because of their bodies.Choose underwear suitable for your own body shape and needs, and add appropriate accessories to make you feel more confident and beautiful.The most important thing is to enjoy your beauty and sexy in the process of dressing.

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